Liquid composite compound RB-NANOCOM

Examples of application:

– Hardening of surfaces of highly loaded parts from various grades of polyamide;

– It is possible to use for connection of materials based on polyamides with metal surfaces (including stainless steel, galvanized metals), composite materials based on carbon, glass and basalt plastic materials, ceramic materials.

Basis Polymer-organic matrix with homogenized reinforcing additives based on nano silicon carbide SiC
Colour In the dry state, light gray
Viscosity ~ 0,48 – 0,64 Pa*s at 200С
Density ~ 1.084 – 1,235  g/cm3 at 200С
Freezing time ~ About 1,5 – 2 min. At T=20оС and humidity 50%
Recommended application layer for bonding ~ 150 – 300 g/m2
Coefficient of thermal conductivity
at 20-150 ° C
0,34 – 0,46 W/m·K
Operating temperature range From – 45оС  till + 120оС
Temperature range of solidification From  +8оС till +110оС

 Instructions for use:
1. Mix the binder until a homogeneous substance is obtained.
2. The surfaces of the blanks to be bonded must be dry and free of dust and grease.
3. The compound is evenly applied to the surface of the hardened products using a spatula for leveling, it is possible to apply the compound by spraying.
4. An important condition for gluing is the presence of open porosity on one of the surfaces to be joined.
5. When bonding to a metal surface, the binder should be applied first to the metal surface.

Compliance with safety regulations when working with a compound:
1. When working, use personal protective equipment: rubber gloves and a respirator.
2. Do not allow the compound to enter upon open areas of the body.


It is allowed to store in a sealed package in a dry room at temperatures from + 15 ° C to + 25 ° C. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight.

Packing in sealed plastic containers, net weight 5 kg.

Liquid composite compound RB-NANOCOM