ViacheslavShestopalovScientific and Production Company “RB-Composite” is an innovative company, the developer of new composite materials and technologies for their industrial use. Our goal is to create new material that would meet all the needs of the consumer. For us there are no unsolvable problems. The company’s team is a team of like–minded, having the experience of the elder generation and persistence, passion of young professionals.

Currently Scientific and Production Company “RB-Composite” produces and sells composite filament for printing with 3D printers with the content of nanopowders such as tungsten trioxide, tungsten carbide and synthetic nanodiamonds.

Our products can be used for fabrication by 3D printing of specialized containers and protective covers with anti-radiation properties.

S&P Company “RB-Composite” today is:

  • The development of complex technological systems for the synthesis of nanomaterials. Our nanomaterials can significantly change the performance properties of composite materials and technical rubber;
  • Development and manufacture of polyimide binders for composite materials with operating temperature up to 350°C;
  • Research in the field of designing radio-transparent composite materials for the manufacture of special products for the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation;
  • Participation in the development of autonomous mobile systems for stimulation of unproductive layers based on chemical reactions binary mixtures;
  • Jointly with group companies UMATEX of the state Corporation “ROSATOM” in the development of the gas tanks of the 4th generation.

Looking forward to a long and fruitful cooperation,

Vyacheslav Y. Shestopalov

PhD in Technical Sciences

Counsellor of the Russian Academy of Rocket and Artillery Sciences