High-strength heat-shielding composite material “RB-Endokomb”

Examples of application:

– The main structural material for the manufacture of hull details of hypersonic aircraft;
– Use of light armored armored vehicles as anti-cumulative protection.


Basis Honeycomb filler with integrated endothermic aluminoborosilicate binder reinforced with nano silicon carbide fibers
Colour Light cream
Cell size  ~ 5 – 6 mm
Integral density ~ 1200-1265  kg/m3 at 200С
Максимальные габариты панели 650 х 1250 х 22 mm*
The maximum dimensions of the panel 260 – 280 kg/сm2**
Temperature range of use From  -50оС till +1300оС***

* – panel thickness can vary from 6 mm;

** – the compressive strength parameter can vary from the thickness and composition of CM;

*** – the upper limit of use with intensive thermal exposure is up to 15 minutes.

High-strength heat-shielding composite material “RB-Endokomb”